Make your own reality.

Make your own clothes.

Make your own yarns.

Learn ancient techniques and new technologies together, in harmony.

Learn how to learn, teach how to teach, share your skills.

Choose to make chaos.

Make love.

Make a stand.

Simple living, deep thinking, committed making.

Feel at home, now.

What our friends say,

“Be reasonable, demand the impossible.”   Situationist International

                             “It could be so brilliant.”   Vivienne Westwood

“I love being on the edge of things, not having a place. Being on the edge is good for me.”   Freddie Robins

“Fashion goes in one year, and out the other.”  Oscar Wilde

“Clean up or die.”   Katherine E Hamnett

Treat the earth well it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. – Richard Kindersley