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Beginner’s Knit 14th 1-3pm.

This is a two hour class introducing you to knitting.

There are two basic  stitches in knitting, the knit stitch and the purl stitch. Everything else in knitting is made from a combination of these techniques.

We will start with Casting on, learning to hold the needles comfortably, creating rows of knit, then the combined knit and purl.

Most students leave with a deep understanding of what knit and purl stitches are and how to fix them when they go wrong.  Dextrous students often leave with the ability to rib, and knit with two colours.

A cup of tea and a small group ensures a relaxed learning experience.
Yarn and needles are provided and you can take them home with you afterwards.

We can also discuss your ideas and direct you to the right yarn for your first project.