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Macrame! Sat 21st.

Macrame is a textile made from a combination of knots.  It is hands on, and uses no needles, so it can be good for those of you that find knitting and crochet difficult.  Knots can range from the most simple to highly complex, and you can make anything from braids, jewelry, fringes and pot holders.

Macrame is quite easy to learn, but  loosing yourself in the repetition and combination of patterns is the aim.  We will start by working off a bench, making thin braids, in a jute string.  You can move on to using other materials and working around objects.

This event is longer than our usual classes because we expect you to drift off, chat or meditate.  Materials will be provided but you might also want to bring something to work on.  Perhaps you have a scarf that needs an edge or a vase that you could decorate.

Tea and coffee and materials and worksheets provided.