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yarnfebruary 003

Introduction to Spinning. 28th Feb.

Get to the roots of it all with this Introduction to spinning!  Spinning gives you a lot of freedom in your work, because you can design and make your own yarns.  Collect fibres from animals and plants and understanding their nature, gives your textile practice a deeper connection withe the earth.

The class begins with a quick look at different types of fibre, which we then card (brush) ready for spinning.  The spinning starts by twisting the fibres in our fingers, and then we apply the help of the the Earth’s gravitational pull  by adding the Drop Spindle.

Drop Spindles are easily dropped at first,  which means embarrassing clatters and snapped or over twisted threads, made by most people in the class.  With an hour or so of practice, as if by magic,  spinning starts to work, and the thread piles up.

All spinners will see a demonstration of how the spinning wheel works, and some spinners might be ready to have a go.

Price of class includes Drop Spindle and Fibres.