Knit-a thon at Grant Museum of Zoology.




Ruth Marshall is an Australia artist knitter, who’s craftivist practice is concerned with the extinction of animals. She has knitted many skins, mounted as if they were hunting trophies. zoo2 Our Knit-a Thon was scheduled for 12 hours, and aimed to help knitters make Possom skins, and knit items from the amazing collection at the Grant museum of Zoology.  zoo4Max was really excited and the museum staff loved to see her knitted moths, which were amazingly similar to the real specemins, although much smaller! zoo5There were lots of bones to study. Marrianne crocheted a spider monkey skull, which she was then allowed to photograph in the display case. zoo14zoo6

I studied a Gorilla Fumer, which I found really hard to knit.zoo19

I was pleased later when a bone expert said it was ok. It’s the top of the thigh were the socket goes into the hip, but I only got half way. zoo7

Many of the knitters, knitted possoms, starting with the tail. zoo11 Many posomms were finished and were taken home for pressing.

Some of the possoms turned into other things! Like this squid! zoo8Everything was so interesting. Here we are having a lecture by Sarah a Phd Student, who talked about artists showing wonderment in wildlife. zoo12 Claire’d mother had adopted a dissected cat in the museum, so loved coming to knit along side it. Claire was amazed that she could knit the dissected cat. Here are the start of it’s intestines. zoo16Mother and daughter will be coming back to visit the cat more often, especially now Claire’s mother has a lifetime adoption of her half a pet.  Half way through the day people were really understanding that you can knit ‘anything’. The museum is such a wonderful resource and opportunity to turn your stitch vocab into something unusual. zoo15

Max knitted this flying fish in the fastest time imaginable.  The curators and staff were so very kind and generous with their knowledge. zoo18

They are very pro- creativity, and  open to suggestions.  They create a lovely atmosphere for knitting.zoo17

They might be finding odd knitted creatures coming their way for quite a while! Thanks for a lovely day everyone.


There are 5 UFO’s from yesterday. Please await a future post to see and/or adopt them.