UFO discussions.



We were meant to be doing a crochet lesson at the RCA last week, but I couldn’t resist bringing in a selection of UFO’s for the students to discuss. This dazzling number came from a knitter at the West London Guild of Spinners Weavers and Dyers and it started Kim, a knitwear student, thinking.  She was itching to put it on, so we made her stand on a stool so that we could see what she looked like.  She wore, what we assume was the body of a sweater turned up side down, very well as a tube skirt.  The ribbing fit snuggly around her waist, and the most recently knitted bit, which was red, and not cast off, naturally rolled up to make a chunky tube- like edge.  The part of the UFO, which we think must have been a sleeve cuff, was knitted in the same colours, but had cables, beautifully knitted in different colours. Kim tried it against her at waist height, and over her knees.  The Cabled piece had loads of threads hanging off it, which looked like it could be incorporated into the design.  Who knows what Kim will do! Kim has lots of work to do at college, but I wouldn’t have given her this piece if it hadn’t suited her so well. Good luck Kim, and thank you for adopting this extra ordinary evolutionary idea!

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